July 20, 2006

Stupid Ex? MakeHimPay.net!

Teaching bad boys to behave, the hard way!

The www.MakeHimPay.net main site is where you'll find our videos and photos of the week (<-FUNNY), spy tools and free Cheat Checking services, relationship advice, my stories and your stories too, revenge ideas and tips plus more. We'll make you laugh again even if you're going through a breakup that inspires thoughts of bleach and duct tape (he he he)! Every service (<-Lots), all the tools and even all of the funny sh*t is COMPLETELY FREE so come over and chat it up at the The Main Site . Enjoy!


Blogger Mary said...

nice blog I saw one yesterday about a lady who was planning revenge on her soon to be ex it was pretty funny but was then told it wasn't real. here's the link http://thatgirlemily.blogspot.com/

July 20, 2006 3:58 PM  
Blogger www.MakeHimPay.net said...

Thanks. I read that blog the other day. It struck me as a very unnatural account about an affair unfolding before the writers eyes. Another thing being the comments turned off for this blog. The writer thanks the viewers for all the wonderful supportive comments so wouldn't she want to show the support that's behind her just in case the other people involved found her blog? That would be like another "Ha Ha" "in your face dude" for him to read that.

Oh yeah, and the PI's video of the couple just doesn't look right. Oh and the fact she was clueless. Oh and that it was the other woman who suggested the writer start blogging. Oh and...forget it...I love playing investigator so I could really be here typing forever.

Anyway I still thought the pictures were funny and who knows where this story is going (like to a theater near you?) and I've received a ton of exposure from that blog linking to mine so I linked back and featured the pics on www.makehimpay.net

July 21, 2006 12:01 AM  
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